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Cost effectiveness and sustainability

There will be around 1600 meetings  during our Presidency, over 180 of them in Ireland.  We expect to welcome approximately 15000 delegates, and to host over 500 visits by international journalists.  An overarching focus of the Irish Government’s planning is to carry out this complex and important task in an efficient, cost-effective and sustainable way.

A cost-effective Presidency

The 2004 Irish Presidency cost around €110m. The cost of our 2013 Presidency is currently estimated at €60 million (though there may be some additional security costs). We have scaled back significantly, including for Presidency-related goods and services.

We have taken a range of measures to limit our costs:

A Sustainable Presidency

We have worked hard to make our Presidency more sustainable.

Green Procurement

Green transport

Reducing paper

Sustainable Event Management

Certification Europe ISO20121‌     Certification Europe ISO14001

Other measures