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Host Broadcaster

Note: Download links from the event at Dublin Castle are now available.‌

The Host Broadcaster for the Irish Presidency of the Council of the EU from January to June 2013 is Observe, an independent supplier of broadcast services to the local and international market-place. 

On behalf of the Department of the Taoiseach, Observe will supply EU and worldwide broadcasters and news agencies with coverage from the Informal Ministerial meetings taking place at Dublin Castle, and from some other high-level meetings (the visits by the President of the European Council and the College of Commissioners, the High Level Event on Hunger, Nutrition and Climate Change, and the Digital Assembly).

Observe will supply live coverage and edited highlighted packages of events and will also help visiting colleagues to acquire their own stories by arranging access for visiting crews to facilities.

Observe will be managing and assigning the facilities through a dedicated bookings and reservation facility service, to ensure the best and most comprehensive coverage to all media visiting Ireland. The facilities will be offered at a set rate card and on a first come first served basis. Further details are available by contacting Observe on

Alan Burns, Technical Director, Observe Outside Broadcast Facilities Limited, looks forward to welcoming media colleagues to Ireland.  Please do not hesitate to let Observe know your requirements.  Contact details are:

Facilities Bookings

Tel : +353 1 2018300

Host Broadcaster Production Manager

Karen Reen

All broadcasters who contact Observe by email on will be added to their broadcaster information mailing list.

Host Broadcaster Coverage of Events

Observe will provide extensive coverage of the following set pieces at Dublin Castle: 

  1. Arrivals of the Ministers from a position outside the main entrance
  2. Arrival greetings
  3. Arrival statements to the press
  4. The “Tour de Table” before the start of the meeting
  5. The Family Photo
  6. Complete coverage of the Press Conferences

Media Facilities

 At Dublin Castle Observe will manage facilities for visiting Broadcasters.

 A.   Media Booth

 Each media booth will have a monitor with the world feed, two separate

SDI with embedded audio . There will also be available two analogue audio circuits to each Booth for floor language and translated audio to be assigned to each Booth. Wired LAN connection.

The video will be terminated on BNC and the audio on male XLR connections.

There are a limited number of Media Booths available and they will be reserved on a first come first served basis.

B.   Live Stand Up Positions

There will be a number of Live Stand Up Positions with a view of Dublin Castle for use both day and night.

Each Stand Up Position will be wired to the distribution area for immediate distribution to “on site” uplink vehicles or to our “on site” unilateral Uplink to the EBU network. Observe, in conjunction with the EBU, will have four fully equipped Stand Up Positions available for each event and can be booked directly with EBU or with Observe.

C.   Play Out Facility

Observe and EBU from its distribution point will provide VT play out facilities to the EBU uplink in the following formats :

D.   SNG/Uplink Parking

There are a limited number of parking places available for

SNG / Uplink vehicles. These will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Each parking position will be supplied with a 32amp single phase power connection and a video feed of the Host Broadcaster world feed in SD with embedded audio and floor language and translations.

ISDN and PSTN lines for visiting Broadcasters can be booked with Host Broadcaster or EBU.

Check out our production audio and video specifications here.