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Visit Dublin Castle Virtually

Visit Dublin Castle Virtually

Visit It Virtually logo‌During our Presidency we will be holding 180 events in Ireland.  We expect to welcome 15000 official delegates, and to host over 500 visits by the international press.  The vast majority of our events will take place in Dublin Castle, in the centre of the city.  Get to know our Presidency headquarters before you come - take a virtual tour of Dublin Castle.


Visit It Virtually (VIV) is a Dublin-based 3D reconstruction and animation media consultancy that creates 3D reconstructions of buildings, indoor and outdoor spaces so that businesses, venues, conference centres and historical and heritage centres of excellence can open their virtual doors to the rest of the world.

For more information: follow us @visitvirtually.

Click here for our illustrated guide to the restaurants, bars, cafes and pubs near Dublin Castle.

Visit Dublin Castle Virtually from Viv on Vimeo.

Dublin Castle, Upper Couryard from Viv on Vimeo.