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gac: General Affairs

The General Affairs Council (GAC) deals with issues which cut across multiple European policy areas, such as enlargement, preparation of the Union's multi-annual budgetary perspective, and institutional and administrative issues.  The GAC also coordinates the preparation and follow-up of meetings of the European Council.  Member States are represented by Ministers with responsibility for Foreign Affairs or Ministers with responsibility for European Affairs.  The GAC meets once a month, and during the Irish Presidency it is being chaired by Mr. Eamon Gilmore, Tánaiste and Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The key priorities of the Irish Presidency include:

  • Supporting the European Council to bring a successful conclusion to negotiations on the Union’s future financing and working to advance negotiations on the instruments necessary for growth, jobs and social cohesion.

  • Ensuring effective implementation of economic governance measures through the European Semester.

  • Reaching agreement on the Cohesion Package.

  • Advancing EU enlargement.

  • Making progess on an agreement for an action plan for the Atlantic Strategy to further consolidate and develop work to ensure that coastal communities benefit from sustainable exploitation of the Atlantic’s rich resources