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jha: Justice & Home Affairs

The JHA Council deals with the European Union’s policies on crime, judicial cooperation, police cooperation and cooperation on immigration, borders and asylum issues.  The Council currently meets twice in each Presidency and during the Irish Presidency is chaired by Mr. Alan Shatter, Minister for Justice and Equality. Member States are represented by their Ministers for Justice and the Interior.  It is also customary for each Presidency to host an Informal meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers.

The key priorities of the Irish Presidency include:

  • Seeking agreement on key aspects of the Data Protection package which is aimed at giving citizens more control over their personal data online.

  • Supporting European economic recovery and growth through a number of   proposals, including the European Account Preservation Order which is intended to facilitate cross-border business activity within the EU by reducing the risks associated with such activity.

  • Working with the European Parliament to achieve the possible adoption of the Directive on the freezing and confiscation of proceeds of crime which will make it easier for authorities to confiscate and recover profits from cross-border organised crime